Our Gulf is Not for Sale: Defend it Don’t Drill it

Wednesday, October 26th

Please join us for a Day of Action at the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to tell President Obama #nonewleases in our Gulf of Mexico.

Noon – 4 pm
1201 Elmwood Park Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70123

This event is part of the national #keepitintheground movement.

Join the movement! Your grandchildren will thank you for saving the planet!

What is #NoNewLeases?

In March of 2016, 300 people joyfully took over an auction of drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico and told the federal government and the oil companies that the Gulf is not for sale. This action was the kick-off of the campaign to end new drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico. This call is an historic one – the first time there has been a movement to end new drilling in the Gulf.


Who is involved?

“#nonewleases” is led by those of us in the Gulf of Mexico who have been standing up to the oil industry’s destruction of our health, our homes, our coast, our livelihoods and our environment. People of color in the Gulf region are the most severely impacted, particularly those of us who live in coastal communities and in neighborhoods next to oil refineries. National groups are supporting our efforts. We do not single out any individual or group – be it national or local – because this is about the movement.  Our collective goal is to end new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, while also strengthening our movement muscles and building relationships across identity, issue and geography through the lens of resistance, solidarity and love.

Aren’t oil jobs important in the Gulf of Mexico?

We are glad you asked. Our interest is in transitioning to our renewable energy sources that provide safe jobs. We already have more renewable energy jobs than fossil fuel jobs in the United States, just not here in the Gulf Coast (yet)!  Also, there is significant oil industry infrastructure in the Gulf – pipelines, abandoned oil wells, refineries – that are falling apart. The oil industry can hire workers right now to repair and maintain its decaying infrastructure.  And when the oil industry provides numbers about its economic impact, ask for details. Much of its information on jobs is grossly inflated.

How can I get involved?

To get involved, e-mail info@nonewleases.org

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