And inside the Superdome in New Orleans, hundreds of protesters noisily disrupted a government auction of oil and gas drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico. The government was attempting to auction off 43 million acres of offshore drilling rights. Cherri Foytlin of Idle No More Gulf Coast spoke out during the protest.

Cherri Foytlin: “I’m standing here with 200 brave souls that are saying no—no to the fossil fuel industry and yes to a just transition for all of our people. Woo! We marched up here, maybe 500, maybe a thousand people—I don’t know. But it’s the most amazing thing to see all these people stand together with self-determination and say it’s time for a new day in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s over. The fossil fuel industry, you’re on your way out. Make yourself a bed. You’re done. It’s over. Bye-bye.”

Democracy Now!: New Orleans: Hundreds Disrupt Oil and Gas Auction